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Something About Shana...

I started my design business in 2013 but I have been a graphic designer for the last 30 years. I have spent 26 years of my career in the sign industry. I've worked in National Project Management, Sales, Design and General Management before I ventured out to open my own design firm. I am also a National Award Winning Sign Designer.


I think what I really love most about my job is using my industry knowledge to help other people succeed. It makes me happy to be a partner you can count on.  When you get a project that needs some sign design elements I want your first thought to be... I can send this to Shana and I don't have to worry.  That's what drives me. I want your project and the community you do business in to shine.

On a personal note, all of my true passions are creative. I enjoy writing music, writing short stories and playing ukulele. I'm happiest when I'm creating something new or hanging out with my family and friends.

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